Sunday, 3 February 2013

Cameron is Finally Destroying his Party!

Gay marriage is a step too far for the Conservative shire associations.  We British will tolerate many things but for the traditional Conservative this is a step too far.  David Cameron is destroying himself in the eyes of his grass roots supporters by his insistence of following the modernising policies which proclaim that 'Gay Marriage' is a natural step forward.

It will be however the cross on which the 'modernising' Tories impale themselves. Their natural and traditional supporters cannot believe that this PM is prepared to go down this road.  I suspect that UKIP will profit from this nonsense and I wonder just how many of the parliamentary MPs will now find it difficult to remain within in this travesty of a political party.

The Conservative party is split down the middle! They are led by people who are only interested in serving themselves or their masters who hide in the background.  There are some backbenchers who remain the only rump in Westmonster who have a conscience and who still serve their constituents.

The rest all support the policies which have ruined this country for almost 50 years. We voted for a trade agreement 50 years ago not a Moscow style political union. They are terrified to give us a referendum because, even though they will muddy the waters yet again, I believe that they know the British people will overwhelmingly vote 'No'. If that is not true then why don't they risk it?

Now Cameron has gone a stage too far. You see not all of his supporters believe that 'Gay Marriage' is top of the agenda. We have large swathes of countryside and the lives of people being decimated by HS2. We have the threat of an invasion from Rumania and Bulgaria and we suspect that this Coalition are retaining all the policies that were used to ruin the economy of the country by the Labour Party.

Nothing significant has changed since the last election. Modernisers are still in charge. They just push us further and further down the path to the social destruction of out traditional society. 'Gay marriage' is just another step forward into the abyss...believe me!

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