Monday, 25 February 2013

Syria...Who is to Blame?

As most people who follow this blog know, I sometimes follow avenues which to the man in the street are impossible to believe and I accept that. I see that John Kerry today arrived in the UK to discuss the situation in Syria! 

What links the UK to the United States with regard to Syria? Well as I remember correctly President Assad does not have a Rothschild sponsored bank in his country. They managed very well without the intervention of the world's bankers. They were doing exactly the same as guess who...Saddam Hussein and Colonel Ghaddafi!

Suddenly they have had a determined challenge from 'rebels' who are funded by people unknown. Suddenly people are being massacred by people unknown and nobody knows why! To mount such a challenge requires a huge amount of money. That amount of money does not exist in this world unless you are trying to fund something like the European Union.

The United States and the British servants of the bankers (William Hague and so many others) are ratcheting up the pressure on President Assad. So far he has defeated all their nefarious armies. He stands alone and defiant. He does not want the Rothschilds in his country but then neither does North Korea.

Wait for the excuses, wait for the rhetoric but as we leave Afghanistan with nothing having been achieved then wait for the excuse to get involved in Syria. John Kerry is only in this country as a servant of the bankers and he is meeting with William Hague. 

I predict that suddenly, as our troops pull out of Afghanistan, they will be committed to the conflict in Syria.  They are probably already involved. Our politicians are purely the playthings of the bankers. They pay them well but they are only stooges.

I bet every time that David Cameron opposes Ed Miliband  across the despatch box the bankers are laughing their heads off. Yes Rebekah Brooks 'LOL' is suddenly not very funny! It is only time before our troops are being used as mercenaries for the bankers yet again.

The bottom line is that all our mainstream politicians are being paid by the bankers (from the unaudited accounts of the EU) to perpetuate an enormous fraud on the public. We the public are now aware of the deception . Eventually we will communicate this deception to the public at large. 

In the meantime Eastleigh is upon us and we do not want politicians happy to destroy our sons and daughters in a far flung foreign land just to satisfy a banking class who are  ruining our economy.

Come on Eastleigh PLEASE  make a difference! 


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bewick said...

Syria? Well now we intervened in Libya and Egypt and , before that, Iraq and Afghanistan.
ALL turned out well did it not?
ALL of those countries (as well as Turkey) are becoming sharia states which wish to suppress any other religion and impose barbaric customs.
William Haigh is an idiot if he really thinks that the "freedom fighters" in Syria are anything other than islmasts. The west deposed Saddam and Ghadaffi and look where THAT has got us - ungovernable regions devoted to islam. Time to reflect and step WELL back.