Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Suppressing the Truth!

I trawl around the Internet because it is a hive of intrigue. You see in this complex and controversial world every government appears to want to disguise the truth. To do this they employ the judiciary to hide their nefarious activities.

Now many years ago they decided that the public did not need to know the fact that people like General Kitchener had committed genocide. It was not good for his public image. Similarly unsavoury events that took place in the First World War were buried deep in the archives under the pretence that they would affect national security.

Now don't get me wrong, I can understand that in the fog of war nasty things happen and it is not necessary to publicise them.  Sometimes the public should not know the brutality of conflict and personally I would agree with that.

However I recently came across two rather contradictions to this ethos. Friends of Doctor David Kelly, who apparently committed suicide, after exposing the Blair government of duplicity over the war in Iraq discovered that there is no way past the legal mothballing of fact.

We will not be allowed to know how David Kelly died for 70 years! Most of us suspect that he was probably murdered by government authorities so it is no surprise that the evidence is now to be mothballed so that no living being can be inconvenienced.

Now I read that the case involving Thomas Hamilton, who committed the Dunblane atrocity, has been mothballed for 100 years!  Surely it is an open and shut case. Thomas Hamilton entered the Dunblane primary school and killed the kids. He then committed suicide. What more do we need to know?

This is not a matter of national security. We have a nutter who entered a school and committed an act of such depravity that nothing is left to discuss... that is if you believe the mainstream media. They have not buried this case for nothing. They have a humungous secret to hide! So if you want a clue visit and search for Thomas Hamilton.

There is something suspect north of the border which apparently involves many leading figures. I discovered this some years ago when I unearthed the case of Hollie Greig. They have buried this case, not for national security but to protect some VERY senior political figures (who could be that important?).

I will not live much more than, what 20 years if I am lucky, but I will pass this down to my family so that one day we will know who was abusing kids...but even now we can all have an educated guess!


GrumpyRN said...

Did you read this?


That was after a very quick google as I have never heard of Hollie Greig and wondered about it.

bryboy said...

No I didn't GRN and tks for the steer. This goes back to Feb 2010 and as I recollect it was the blogger Old Holborn who first brought it into the public domain. It was a very nasty story and I don't think that anyone thought that the mother could possibly concoct up such a wild story implicating her own daughter For some reason it also had a D-Notice slapped on it preventing the mainstream media from pursuing it.

I only discovered recently that the Thomas Hamilton episode had been mothballed for 100 years. This is pretty heavy handed considering that on the surface it could not affect national security. It poses the question who is being protected?

That is why I linked it to Hollie Greig. I really suspect the authorities when they insist that you cannot even form an opinion on an event. In my opinion Dunblane was a tragedy for the kids and their parents but who is this 100 year ban protecting? Hamilton is dead!