Friday, 8 February 2013

Eastleigh By-Election

The speculation has begun. The bogus polls are trying to influence public opinion but in reality I don't think anyone knows which way the Eastleigh electorate will swing when push comes to shove. They have a dilemma but they also have an opportunity to shake up the mainstream politicians.  We have already had thirteen years of Labour which ruined the economy of the country and as a sideline brought us Mid Staffordshire NHS trust and a few more similar predicaments.They preach dogma, doctrine and targets without accountability and we can have no more of that.

They were followed by yet more nonsense from a Coalition cobbled together to allow a bunch of rich boys a chance to retain the nonsense inherited from Labour.  We should have had another election once the people knew where we stood.

The Coalition cannot agree on anything. We have discovered that about half the Conservative party (including most of the Cabinet) are actually not conservatives. We have spent valuable parliamentary time on same sex marriage which was never announced on anyone's agenda. It has just been a distraction but it has uncovered the duplicity of the politicians. Now they want to increase taxation yet again and yet they seem unable to spend our money wisely so where does that leave the electorate? 

Well Eastleigh has also got the Huhne factor. They all voted for a man who in hindsight was despicable. He used his family to get elected and then dumped them. His political life was dodgy as he was a driving force behind the discredited global warming campaign. He fought a dirty battle against 'Calamity' Clegg for the LIbDem leadership and clung onto to his parliamentary salary and expenses for a year before caving in and pleading guilty in his recent court case.

Despite all of this the polls are still predicting a straight fight between the Tories and the LibDems. I should know better by now but I do wonder just what will it take before the public wake up? I just do not understand, now that all our mainstream politicians have had an opportunity to run the country, why people keep voting Con/Lab/Lib?

I know that I am repeating myself endlessly but surely there are enough people in Eastleigh who are as sick of this nonsensical sideshow in Westmonster as I am? Surely it would be worth just once to shake them all up and let us here a different voice in parliament. The Eastleigh electorate seem quite evenly split. I just hope that they are sufficienty brassed off to give UKIP a chance but then we get what we deserve! Did these people really deserve Chris Huhne though?

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