Tuesday, 5 February 2013

Eastleigh - A Blogger's Dream and a Political Nightmare!

What a farce! The Coalition, that is in ideology light years apart, have been handed the nightmare scenario following the confession of Chris Huhne that he had lied to everyone for at least a year. The discredited Huhne has not just destroyed his own career but  potentially could embarrass both the Coalition parties.

They must now square up to each other in what is actually a marginal constituency. Recent results have indicated that, after his student fee about turn and his total disrespect for public opinion Nick Clegg is about as popular as the plague! He has become the champion of lost deposits and clearly has slipped behind UKIP as the third party in the country.

David Cameron is haemorrhaging support from his grass roots activists following his stance on gay marriage. Both on this issue and the EU his party is hopelessly split and the public know it. These two leaders have tried to cobble together a coalition that fools nobody and as such they have lost all credibility.

The Gay Marriage issue was never in the Tory election manifesto, it was never in the Coalition agreement nor in the Queen's speech so one can only conclude that it has been raised to disguise an inept performance by most of the Cabinet. 

All the big hitters in today's Gay Marriage debate in the Tory party were on the backbench. There are some very able MPs who do not agree with their leader.

Eastleigh is probably about as far away from Labour heartlands as could be possible. In the deep south Ed Miliband is an irrelevance so he must be observing from a distance with a malevolent grin on his face. So...where does that leave us?

After being let down so badly will the electorate turn out? There is little doubt that in many areas apathy rules because our politicians are generally useless and Brussels rules so why should they bother?

The unknown factor is UKIP.  Apparently they are now polling 14% of the vote.  Personally I mistrust these opinion polls but there is little doubt that this could be a major chance of a breakthrough. If the public are angry enough to turn out and demonstrate how disaffected so many of us are with the three main parties this could become a sensation. 

For whatever reason Nigel Farage has turned down the opportunity to fight this by election so just maybe he is not as optimistic that I am. Even so this is going to be fun! 

Just one final thought. As Chris Huhne, since being charged and pleading 'Not Guilty', has benefited from a year's parliamentary salary and expenses should he now not be asked to pay it all back? He knew all along (as most of us did) that he was guilty so surely the parliamentary authorities should not let this blatant abuse of the public purse go unchallenged? Just a thought!


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