Thursday, 21 February 2013

Interviews for Jurors?

It had to come. Finally we stumble across a jury panel who generally do not have a clue about the legal process in this country. Because of the lack of safeguards and checks they get allocated one of the most high profile cases in recent months.  The mainstream media has been full of Chris Huhne and his wife Vicki Price for at least the past year.

This jury comprising eight women and four men of which only two were white.  At least twice, the court finished early because a jury member had a 'religious observance' to keep.  Now pardon me but in this country we fit our 'religious observance' around our civic duties.  I am astonished that the judge allowed this to stand and that is probably part of the problem.

We have allowed our tolerance and apathy to superceed our common sense.  From what I read most of these people had little idea about formal attire so that the solemnity of the occasion was not respected.  Clearly their knowledge and respect of our court system was minimal. It is not entirely their fault. We have allowed this lack of respect for our country to develop. The incomers have been encouraged to disrespect our systems, our traditions and our customs.

The politicians and the judiciary have gradually given up so much of what we valued that yesterday's farce was inevitable.  May I respectfully suggest that potential jurors arrive early and are then subject to a swift interview to ascertain suitability.  If they are dressed incorrectly or do not understand the procedure or cannot understand English then they can be dismissed and struck off the juror eligibility list.  I would also fine them but that might then become complex.

In my entire life I have only been called once for jury service. I am of course not what they want.  It is much more likely that I will judge events on the evidence and not on what the courts want the verdict to be. I would also raise the age of eligibility to 25.  Too many of the victims of our modern education system cannot choose a breakfast cereal never mind reach a legal conclusion!

If our politicians and judiciary want to prevent a repeat of yesterday they must narrow the criteria for eligibility for jury service and enforce our traditional values. We only have ourselves to blame.


GrumpyRN said...

Recently had to give (medical) evidence at an assault case in our local sherrif court. Victim's mother, who was also a witness turned up in a denim skirt (I think I was the only person with a jacket and tie on) and when told to call sherrif 'sir' informed court official who was trying to tell us what would happen and how to respond "I call no man sir". Could not understand that she was showing respect to the crown. I despair sometimes, too much crap 'reality' TV.

Reminds me of the time John Prescott was interviewing some girls from an estate in England who said that "they were not working class as they did not work". Makes sense in a horrid dystopian way.

During my education - 60's Scotland - we learned stuff that would see us get by in society, not what some moron with more teeth than brain cells on TV thought was important. Never mind, roll on retirement.

bryboy said...

Yes I sometimes think that I am living in a different world but then of course in some instances I am. You made me laugh in a cynical way. Fortunately I have a watering hole where standards still remain and the invasion has not yet penetrated the membership...a bit like some of the country villages between Hawick and Bonnyrigg!!