Friday, 1 March 2013

Half of Them Couldn't be Bothered!

Well it is all over at Eastleigh and once again UKIP almost pulled it off!  It is really quite frustrating even though they are making huge progress. What I find even more frustrating is that, in a period when this country is really under threat from front line politicians following orders, so many people can't be bothered to walk down to a polling station.

The LibDems must have been acting locally in Eastleigh in a much better manner than their national counterparts because despite the sleaze wafting out of Westmonster they still clung onto a majority. Clearly the split down the middle Tories got what they deserved and the Cameron led socialists, who pretend to be Tories, have been rumbled. 

I have long thought that outside of the immigrant areas in the south Labour is an irrelevance and Eastleigh aptly demonstrated it. They are relying immensely on the votes from the incomers in the major cities. Most of us can see right through their policy devoid leadership who continually sound like broken records and boring ones at that.

I am somewhat disappointed but there is little doubt that for the LibDems Eastleigh is a one off.  They are reportedly only polling 8% nationally which considering the recent dreadful performance from Nick Clegg is far too high.  The only party with consistent momentum is UKIP.  I suspect they would do better if the postal vote racket was investigated.  I still believe that the only people who should qualify for a postal vote are those living abroad on government service.

Onwards then towards the European elections in May where the people can give another demonstration of apathy!

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bewick said...

I DID try to write but google had a problem with my sign in.
YES only 52% bothered to vote. Only 32% of those voted LD so an MP is elected who only represents 17% of the eligible electorate. And that is democracy?

The LDs favour "proportional representation" but that is hardly democracy either since no-one would know who was their rep.
STV, single transferrable vote, doesn't work very well either since some, from the third and fourth, might not like their 2nd preference being counted if that meant their wnd prference being discounted.
Take Eastliegh for example. UKIP supporters, being 2nd, wouldn't have a chance to say that their 2nd preference was Tory.
Bottom line is that the Libdems got an MP when 68% of the voting electorate voted otherwise. A virtual return to "rotten boroughs"
I don't have a solution other than a seriously convoluted one.
This is quite apart from the abuse of "postal voting" where 20 people appear to live in a 1 bed flat and people in Bangladesh and Pakistan appear able to vote in OUR elections whilst never having left their own country.