Friday, 15 February 2013

At Last! An NHS Whistleblower!

The extent that NHS chief Sir David Nicholson was prepared to go to cover up the damage that his targets were doing to patients has at last been revealed. The former head of United Lincolnshire Hospitals, who are currently under investigation because of a high mortality rate, claims that he was paid off to the tune of £500,000 as long as he signed a gagging clause.

It would now appear that his conscience has got the better of him and he is defying the gagging order even though it could cost him a fortune. It does however reveal the duplicity of the top level administrative management of the NHS and just how desperate they were to cover up their malignant policies.

It also exposes their total disregard for the public purse. If the statements that Mr Gary Walker has made to the media are proven correct, then we should see the mother of all scandals emerge from any subsequent legal action. On the surface it would appear that the NHS targets imposed on the NHS by Sir David Nicholson and his side kick Dame Barbara Hakin have inadvertently caused the deaths of thousands of patients.

If one is to believe the mainstream media a culture of bullying and threats has existed within the NHS affecting anyone complaining about patient care!  What I find amazing is that the press is full of this story but the politicians are silent.  I suspect that somewhere in this tawdry tale we will uncover the fingerprints of the European Union.

All our mainstream politicians support our membership of the EU. Consistently they have refused the British people of a voice on this issue. The tentacles of the EU are everywhere in British public administration. People like Sir David Nicholson are so deeply entrenched with EU support that they are very difficult to remove.

David Cameron now has a problem. He must suspend any person at the top of the NHS who can be linked to the period under review. This scandal must then become the subject of a criminal investigation.  We owe it the thousands of people who have suffered or died under this evil regime to uncover the truth and punish the wrongdoers.

I suspect that when push comes to shove it will eventually become so large that many of our senior public administrators will have blood on their hands. If the PM does not go down this line then we will all know that our politicians are just bag carriers for the EU and if so our votes count for nothing.

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GrumpyRN said...

For real NHS whistleblowers who were not paid google Graham Pink and Rita Pal. See how long this nonsense has been going on. Graham Pink is a particular hero of mine and I have heard him giving talks.