Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Dale Cregan a bombproof Case for Capital Punishment!

Dale Cregan.
Today a nonentity called Dale Cregan changed his plea from not guilty to guilty. His plea involved the murder of two female police officers in Manchester. He lured them to a dwelling and then brutally murdered them both.

He then pleads 'not guilty' even after he told the police that he had done it. He is a career criminal with a long history of violence.

He has no place in our society and yet now we must keep this beast in luxury for the rest of his life.  He knows it and has never resisted his inevitable incarceration. But would he feel the same if he knew that his neck would be stretched? Sorry to be so crude but this guy is going to cost us a fortune over the years.

He will have three meals a day. He will watch SKY TV. He will have access to a gym. He will have access to drugs. In fact this guy who has murdered two female police officers in the most brutal manner will now live a life that so many people cannot afford.

I cannot illustrate a better case for capital punishment! If this country is going to discourage thugs from murder then we MUST bring back capital punishment. I bet Dale Cregan would not be so cocky if he thought that his guilty plea meant that he would face a hangman.

We must find a deterrent for Dale Cregan and his ilk. Everyone knows that he should hang. The only people who would argue against capital punishment in our modern society are those who have never had a friend or relative who has been murdered. They may also include politicians who want to change our society!

How many more people will die before we threaten the criminal class with a deterrent that they will respect? The huge amount of violent criminality being enacted in this country (much of it by our immigrant population) is being encouraged by our political class  and our judicial system. Until someone changes it the murder of police officers and others will continue.


Donna Selby said...

Never a true article have I read, good for you, and Yes all my colleagues in Australia totally agree, we must hang this animal.

bryboy said...

Sorry Donna I originally missed your comment. I have friends in Australia and from what I hear you are now facing the same situation we had 10/15 years ago. All countries that previously had an acceptable civilised lifestyle are under attack.
Tks for your input.