Friday, 22 February 2013

Eastleigh By-Election

Not long to go now before the good citizens of Eastleigh get the latest opportunity to show an independence of spirit and snub the mainstream Political Class.  Let's face it if you want a continuation of the domination by the Banking Class, if you want politicians to ignore the collapsing economy or if you want a future where your children cannot find a job then just vote Con/Lab/Lib because there is not any difference between them. They may argue semantics but when push comes down to shove they all pay homage to the EU.

That is not the only issue so let us examine the facts. They all support the war in Afghanistan, they all support the burgeoning Welfare State, they all agree on Foreign Aid, they all want a continuation of immigration, they all continually overspend, they all want gun control and they all ignore Magna Carta. In addition they love gagging orders and love to bury the facts of any embarrassing incident that the mainstream media cannot cover up.

They will even support the head of the NHS even though there is damning evidence that his policies have led to an astounding level of neglect in some of our hospitals. There can be no excuse for him not resigning and yet our PM supports him. This is a level of insanity that I cannot even contemplate!

So good citizens of Eastleigh the facts are there before you. YOU have an opportunity to make a difference.  You can begin a rebellion against the very people who are causing us misery. I believe that if UKIP get one candidate into Westmonster others will follow because the timid electorate who are force fed garbage through the media may just realise that voting UKIP is not a wasted vote it is actually the only vote that will really count!

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