Sunday, 2 September 2012


Teaching unions say that phonics should not be the only way that children are taught to readI find it astonishing the National Association of Head Teachers is threatening to begin legal proceedings against the examining bodies over the marking system! For years they have tolerated the rigging and juggling of results and suddenly they find it unfair. 

When I was at school we sat examinations. We studied for those exams and if we didn't work hard enough we failed or were awarded poor marks. Course work (which enables parents an input) had not been invented and all our papers were handwritten. If we needed research we went to the library. None of us had a calculator or a computor and nobody could download the perfect answer from the Internet!

For the past forty years the education system has been shamelessly corrupted. Consequently standards have dipped alarmingly to a point where nobody can trust the examining boards. The grades have been manipulated as the exams suddenly got easier. Anybody who knew anything realised that the system was shambolic and that the only people being let down were the students.

Now in a hypocritical outburst the NAHT are accusing the examining authorities of changing the goalposts! These exam boards have been 'changing' the goalposts' to suit their own malign purposes for decades so why the indignation now? It is far too late now to protest about a system that they have supported for so many years.

Until we return to old fashioned ideals and old fashioned exams then those who have an interest in dumbing down education will continue to prosper. It is more of a problem that most of these people are intelligent and articulate; you know the very people who profited from a good education that they are denying to so many others.

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