Wednesday, 14 March 2012


There has always been a debate on the blogosphere about where will all the independent bloggers discover a rallying point. The people know all about the corruption of the politicians, the power of the corporations and the threat of the courts. 

In actuality we only have one rallying point if we want to maintain a democratic principle that we decide our government by means of the polling booth. The ONLY credible party that is batting for Britain is UKIP. The leader Nigel Farage has continually harangued the EU leadership from within ( you know like David Cameron pretends that he wants to do). For this he is derided by the Political Class but there is no doubt that Nigel is batting for Britain.

The enemy within the British Isles is 'modernisation'. If you have an MP who is on record as being a 'moderniser' then he/she does not want the Britain that you want. They want to change the country into a politically driven state similar to East Germany. They are intent on changing the country that most of us once knew. They are doing it right now.

We now have the situation where the enemy of the country is 'modernisation'. Forget the old political parties. All three of the major parties are being led by a 'moderniser'. It is likely that if you are not a 'moderniser' then you won't be adopted as a candidate in any future election. Consequently Westmonster is inhabited by hundreds of 'modernisers' all committed to the unelected EU. 

Yes I agree there are a few Tory eurosceptics who every now and then vote against the odd proposal but they are never strong enough to resign the whip. They are almost a confirmation that ensures that the public believe that we still have a democracy. It is almost like a put up job to con the public. If they seriously believed that we should be out of the EU they would protest much more effectively.

So back to my original point because in this corrupt and complex world the only constant is UKIP and that political party should be the rallying point. We have nothing else! So tomorrow I will do what I have never done before. I will join a political party. I will probably become an activist because I must do something to halt the march of 'modernisation'. Personally I deem 'modernisation' as akin to treason but then the 'modernisers' aborted that crime. Well they would wouldn't they?

The only game left in town is 'Modernisation' against UKIP... you decide!


Ripper said...

There is another solution Bry, what about direct democracy? A country without a government or MPs. Have you heard of the People's Administration?

You can vote for them in the next general election as they've already registered the 'party' with the electoral commission.

bryboy said...

Tks for the information Ripper. Since I began this blog I have seen quite a number of these small movements against totalitarian government but they never seem to make an impact. UKIP is the only anti EU movement to be sustained. it is probably not perfect but Nigel Farage has gained a toehold and it is a platform for advancement.

SAB said...

I decided to join up about a month ago. Did it online and got my welcome pack a few weeks later which is very informative and includes their magazine. It's the first political party I've 'belonged' to, but so far it's been quite satisfying. Instead of just whinging about things it feels like I've taken some kind of action. They've got some interesting mp's working for them (interesting in a good way). Not sure how they're going to win more people over to vote for them. Lots of people (me included) thought there was only 3 parties in the running for many years. I think they need a worthy investor (that isn't corrupt) to inject some cash so they can raise their profile and get taken seriously. The old days of that kilroy chap didnt help. Getting enough votes to get a Euro MP was a big step, they now need to do the same back home. Spread the word!

bryboy said...

Hi SAB, It fits neatly that we agree but independently we have gone down the same road. In my opinion UKIP is the only game in town if you disagree with the 'modernisers'. Come the next election we must educate the public. They really don't understand how they have been deceived by Con/Dem/Lib. 'Modernisers' are destroying everything that we hold dear but most of our politicians are 'modernisers'.
We have a real fight on our hands but £30 a year is a small price to join the fight back.