Tuesday, 27 March 2012

The Riots!

The riots in Croydon!
So our politicians have decided that they know what caused the riots? Well I have a few ideas of my own and you will not be surprised that they actually do not coincide with the opinions of the Political Class.

So let us recap! We import people from all over the world, by courtesy of the Home Office. People who have no knowledge of OUR culture and who have a lifestyle which is diametrically opposed to our own. We then call them 'British' and grant them maximum benefits but dump them in the poorest areas. Amazingly they become resentful because by and large they are unemployable and are condemned to a life on the lowest rung of the ladder.

They have one resort and that is criminality. So they commit crimes but then they realise that when they arrive in court they are excused. They are slapped on the wrist and they are also told that they have 'Human Rights' which allows their lawyers to get them off the charges.  Off you go boys and girls to rape and pillage because nothing will stop you! So amazingly they did! No police on the streets, no judges able to hand out meaningful sentences and for those who were caught a luxury jail to enjoy!

The Political Class have created this nonsense and they are ALL guilty. There is not one politician belonging to any major political party who is not complicit in this calumny. They are ALL guilty. The only political party with a foothold in the political system who cannot be accused of treachery is UKIP.

You are all being blinded by a media machine which is in full throttle so that you will believe that everything is normal. The Queen is still the monarch (She is not!). We still have three major Political Parties who have differences (they are all 'modernisers') and our legal system is still in accord with the principles of the Magna Charta! Yeah Right!

When the young people who will never read this blog eventually discover that their future is being destroyed by the politicians then they may stop grinning, worshipping Simon Cowell and believing that their whole lives are just about getting pissed and shagging anything in sight (I am sorry about the language but I am preaching to the uneducated) . You will sooner or later have to take to the streets just like the people of Libya or Syria if you want a fair deal. If you want a wife and a family and a pension like I had, then I am sorry but you will have to fight for it.  

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