Sunday, 18 March 2012

Mr Slippery?

Cameron Obama Hot DogI am an avid follower of the 'Mail on Sunday' columnist Peter Hitchens who sometimes seems like a lone voice in the wilderness. His right wing opinions contradict almost every popular conception of government. He has for example been referring to our PM, David Cameron, as 'Mr Slippery' and I know that like me he does not think that David Cameron is a Conservative.

So if 'Dave' is not a Conservative then what is he and who is he representing? We have just seen him being welcomed across the Atlantic by the President of the United States. But hang on is Barack Obama not a Democrat? That means Socialist to you and me ! Is GOB (Good old Barack) not the natural enemy of the right wing because if you follow the run up to the American elections then you would really think so. So how come they suddenly became so chummy chummy....could it be that secretly they are on the same side?

Is it really possible that 'Dave' and 'GOB' are actually representatives of the corporatocracy and actually therefore don't have any political conviction. I think that Peter Hitchens believes this and in today's Mail on Sunday he once again exposes David Cameron.  I have already posted about Dr Michael Pinto-Duschinsky and his opposition to the members of the moribund commission investigating the Human Rights Act set up by the PM but Peter Hitchens goes that step further.

In my opinion almost all of our leading politicians are bought and paid for. They do not represent you and I. They represent the people who pay them and who put them into their jobs. In the States it does not seem to matter whether they vote Republican or Democrat because they just get more of the same. It is similar in the UK. This Coalition is a marriage of partners (some gay some not) who ostensibly campaigned on vastly different agendas.  This has given them an excuse to renege on all of their election promises because they actually have no political conviction. Perhaps we just all voted for News International because we are just getting more of the same.

Any of us who fell for the same old rhetoric and consequently voted Con/Lib/Lab have no reason to complain. We voted them in and we have to live with the consequences. By 2015 who knows what we will be facing but I can assure of one will not be nice!

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