Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Links to New International

News International
The story that surrounds employees of News International and the links between them and leading politicians and police is building. Ignorant members of the public like me have no way of telling where it is all leading but clearly someone in the Met is driving it on which means that they smell corruption.

Nowhere are the links more closely examined than a chart designed by the BBC website which has brought all the leading players together  and displayed the type of association. I do have to admit that the inclusion of Tony Blair, Gordon Brown and David Cameron is an interesting distraction.

Many people believe that democracy is largely dead in the water and that the world is ruled by the multi national corporations. If this theory has legs then the link between some of our leading politicians and a corporation as large as News International would be a natural progression. 

When a person as close to power as Rebekah Brooks is arrested for a second time and charges as serious as 'perverting the course of justice' are being bandied around then someone, somewhere is onto something. It would only take one honest, incorruptible policeman or policewoman with the courage and commitment to keep digging before a whole can of juicy worms could be uncovered. Remember Elliot Ness?

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