Thursday, 1 March 2012

Secret Justice

I have often posted about the malign agenda that our Justice Secretary, Ken Clarke, appears to promote. His ideology often contradicts British public opinion and coincides with almost everything that emanates from the European Union. Personally I cannot think of anyone worse to uphold British Justice but his latest plan to extend a 'secret court' system in this country almost beggars belief!

As usual the excuse for this absolute mockery of justice is 'damage to the public interest' rather than 'to cover up government incompetence'. It always make me smile when our europhile politicians propose measures which in effect curb our freedom but are always about 'public interest' or 'democracy'. The minute someone like Ken Clarke or Nick Clegg mention the word 'democracy' then I know that they are about to propose yet another threat to the British way of life. They are not 'modernisers' for nothing!

They are hell bent on turning this country into East Germany or North Korea or ... well any country that prefers totalitarian government to democracy. I just hope that we have enough politicians in Westmonster who are prepared to stand up and expose this nonsense but I would bet that David Cameron won't be one of them.

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