Monday, 12 March 2012


I have blogged for years that the war in Afghanistan was a political ploy without a shred of credibility. Over the years since I began this blog I have never wavered in my criticism of this ill conceived war. Anyone who knows anything about history can tell you that every major power has floundered on the cross of Afghanistan.

They have their own society.  They have their own code of conduct and nothing, not even the banking barons of the Rothschild Family will change this. I have a theory. The Rothschild family want to own the world. Every country that resists them is attacked. I think Saddam Hussein defied them. I think that Colonel Gaddafi defied them and now they want to conquer Afghanistan. 

This will be their downfall because nothing changes Afghan society. The warlords are in charge and tribal differences will remain as it has done in Iraq and Libya. We will not change this. The bankers will not change this and perhaps we should rejoice that these backward tribes are prepared to take up arms when the rest of us are not even prepared to march.

The defiance of the tribal society is perhaps not a bad thing. They are not a threat to us and they might just be the saving of us! 
The actions of one disillusioned American soldier may at at last  ( along with the killing of our six soldiers) bring this dreadful war to an end. We are achieving nothing (like we have for so long) and yet the Political Class continues to trumpet their oft rehearsed message that this extended war was in our national interest. (Bo***x)

Now the whole game is up! Nothing will save this calamity. When I was in the forces this type of attack by one individual soldier was not possible. Nobody was allowed to wander around with live ammunition. This was a failure of command.  Cameron is already backtracking. We have failed on every account and over 400 young soldiers have lost their lives. The many thousands who suffered serious injuries will have to deal with them. They did us and themselves proud.

Once again the political posturers will try to excuse themselves and it is already happening. They have been found out. It is a shambles and the Political Class have yet again lost. They are dishonest and corrupt and that is why they have lost. We will leave Afghanistan with our tails between our legs and our politicians will have lost all credibility. We have lost so much so where are Gordon Brown, John Reid, Ken Clarke, Tony Blair, David Cameron, Nick Clegg, Ed Miliband, Ed Balls, Yvette Cooper, Harriet Harman and so on now?

They are running for the hills!


Captain Ranty said...

The bastards will be running for the action with weapons.

Freemen free the UK

SAB said...

I watched the last in a brilliant series about Vietnam last night. It followed Americas final attempt at getting the Sth Vietnamese Army to stand on their own feet. They dropped thousands of em behind enemy lines by helicopter into Laos to clear a 'supposed' weapons cache which as it turns out had already been cleaned out by the NVA. The whole operation was a complete disaster resulting in many casualties. The Sth Vietnamese command structure was just too weak and the troops not up to the job. And yet Nixon still tried to spin it as major success. Months later he resigned due to the watergate thing etc... It all just kind of made me think of Afghan and the ANA.

bryboy said...

Hi SAB tks for your interest. I get the feeling that so much is falling apart because of the action of The Political Class. They have lied and lied but it will be the public who will have to put the country back together again. As we speak I would bet that Obama and Cameron are hatching up a withdrawal.