Friday, 9 March 2012

What can we do to restore Democracy?

The blogosphere is alive with riteous indignation about the state of our country. Everywhere people want a rallying point, an organisation or someone to take the responsibility to challenge the authorities and force the government to acknowledge our concern.

Most of us want a referendum on the corrupt European Union. Most of us want a major reform of the corrupt banking system. Most of us want to reform Westmonster as it is clearly not fit for purpose. We want the troops out of Afghanistan and we want an end to events like the corrupt sale of Olympic tickets. We also want the end of international aid and a proper border control system. We want the illegal immigrants and the criminal to be deported from whence they came.

So how can we make THEM listen. Well we destroy their world. We don't build tented cities because they call on the Territorial Support Group to kick us out. We don't riot because then we look bad and stupid and we hurt our own. We actually call up a million pensioners to invade London probably during the Olympics and we walk. We walk across zebra crossings.

It is called people power. If we persuade enough people to descend on London and walk across a series of zebra crossings London will grind to a halt. We the law abiding will just continue to walk across zebra crossings and we would be doing nothing wrong. The traffic would be unable to move. The fast lane to the Olympics would be blocked and we old folk would continue to cross the road.

If we did this often enough then THEY would have to listen. We could innocently destroy their world BUT we must be prepared to put ourselves out. We must be prepared to get up off our arses and save our country for our grandchildren. We are to blame for this government. We continue to complain but we must now act. 2012 could be the year of the pensioner. It is really up to you! Just a thought!


Anonymous said...

We the law abiding will just continue to walk across zebra crossings and we would be doing nothing wrong.

Yes you would,you would be stopping the ELITES from enjoying their bread and circuses.
And you will be SHOT.
How very dare you?

Captain Ranty said...

If UKIP and the tories could agree to work as a coalition then that could be ideal

bryboy said...

Hi Guys, Anon if we continue to accept this nonsense I will shoot myself! CR I tend to agree but only if UKIP join with SOME of the Tories. Most of them are 'modernisers' which in my book is a euphemism for 'traitor'! The old party system has been corrupted and I only wish that the eurosceptics in the Tory party would break away and expose the sham. Thanks for your interest.

Captain Ranty said...


That is not me.

It is a troll and you can delete his comment, and this, if you want to.


bryboy said...

Do you know CR it did not sound like you.I am beginning to attract this unwelcome attention. What the hell they can say what they like. Tks for letting me know.