Sunday, 18 March 2012

Peacetime Martial Law - is this the Ultimate Solution?

There comes in everyone's life a time when one has to make a serious decision. I have just had a notification from 'Beforeitsnews' which they have asked me to circulate. I have read this disclosure a number of times because in essence it will change the lives of almost every living American and would appear on the surface to be quite sinister.

To introduce Peacetime Martial Law when apparently there is nothing or nobody threatening the United States is an extraordinary step. This article suggests however, that the consequences of this Bill could be massive. For example they could, under the provisions of this order, introduce rationing even though they are not under threat. They could commandeer almost anything using the Order as their excuse. Every available consumable could be controlled by the government or by any other corporatocracy that they appoint as their agent.

It is a license for mayhem but more importantly it is a license for certain people to become very rich and very powerful at a stroke. It is total political domination which normally is only used as a last resort. For example, it was used by this country when every available means was required to repel Hitler.  

I have long thought that what happens in the States is usually only a few years away from the UK. I suggest we watch Westmonster very carefully. Perhaps the flight that David Cameron took on Air Force One had more significance than just a smart way to get to a basketball game and avoid the traffic?


profoundly_disturbed said...

Nothing new here!

Milton Friedman and the Chicago School along with the CIA have been advocating and running this scheme since Reagan. All this does is legitimise (sic) the doctrine

Read Naomi Klein “No Logo” and be prepared to be very afraid.

bryboy said...

Tks for your interest PD. I often find myself considerable behind the ball game but I live and learn.The situation is clearly far worse than most of us understand. The more you dig the worse it gets!

NewsboyCap said...

Bry Boy

We already have a very similar Act, The Civil Contingencies Act. Brought in to 'law' by the former "Great Leader" Tony B.Liar, take a look it's almost the same power giving, big brother non-sense as you speak of in your post.

bryboy said...

Clearly I am but a babe in arms where government activity is concerned but the more I enquire the more I discover. Tks for your input NBC. I see you everywhere.