Wednesday, 7 March 2012


It is now 10 years since we first deployed our troops to Afghanistan on a false premise. The premise being that this island nation could be threatened by events in Afghanistan. I think most of us now realise that the premise was and always will be flawed and no matter how long we stay there we must will never change this blighted country. The minute we leave the Taliban will reoccupy the country and it will all have been for nothing!

Despite all the evidence, today at PM's Question Time our 'modernising' PM and his 'modernising' opponent agreed that our troops should remain until local Afghan police were trained and in position to defend the country. We have been hearing this for years! How long will it take to train these people? Are they trainable and will they not just melt away when left on their own to face the Taliban?

Channel Five has recently shown the 'Mission Afghanistan' series which has not only highlighted the bravery of the Royal Marines but also what happens to them when they return home with terrible injuries. We all know the figures relating to the deaths in Afghanistan but we should also remember that thousands have returned with life changing injuries both physical and mental.

The Royal British Legion does its best to look after these people and they are constantly and desperately trying to raise funds. Meanwhile the politicians help by proposing that married quarters are culled to save money. These are the same married quarters which in some cases have been allowed to fall into horrendous states of disrepair. Such heroism by our troops deserves more than words from the reptiles in Westmonster they need action.

2015 is too far off. Our troops are dying and being injured for no good reason because this engagement is unwinnable. Bring them home!


Captain Ranty said...

My nephew tyrone has been told his regiment will be in active service till 2016

bryboy said...

Thanks for that CR. At long last I believe that the public are beginning to ask questions about the spin surrounding this deployment of our troops. I have thought from the onset that the politicians wanted an excuse to keep the army tied up elsewhere.