Sunday, 25 March 2012

Bribery, it what you want!

This morning the 'Treasurer' of the Conservative party has had to resign following disclosures by the Sunday Times (News International) that he had been selling access to the Prime Minister for £250,000. Interested businessmen would get their 'concerns' put before the Policy Committee and would gain a photograph with the PM.

What I do not understand is why this should cause such an uproar? All of our main political parties have been selling access to power and influence for as long as politics has existed. The system of 'lobbying' is well known and scandalously corrupt but nobody has bothered to curb it because it has become a cottage industry. This is the way that they make their money.

I am just amazed that the British people, the so called electorate, continue to be bamboozled by the Political Class. They continue to absorb all the corruption and the lies and then, come the time, they dutifully stroll down to the local polling station and vote for it to continue!

Today comes the news that the Labour Party has an 8% lead in the opinion polls! What? Has nobody yet realised that this crowd not only ruined the culture of the country but almost ruined our economy. I say 'almost' but it has yet to be proven that they didn't because we are just printing money to stave off the inevitable.

So for the umpteenth time let me implore anyone reading this post to stop perpetuating the roller coaster. They have all had their chance and all of them have been proven corrupt and inefficient. They lie all the time! So let's start with the upcoming Bradford West by-election. Please give them a kicking by showing the Con/Dem/Libs that we have had enough of them. The option is yours because you can either vote for a minority party or don't vote at all. We can do it, it is in our hands but do we really care enough?

If you need any encouragement you can find it here.

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