Sunday, 18 March 2012

Gay Marriage?

Gay Marriage is a subject that I personally will not waste my time discussing. I know the difference between right and wrong. It is however of deep importance within the churches of this country. There are a huge numbers of Christians in this country who hold a fierce commitment to the teachings of the bible. My daughter is one of them.

This argument about gay marriage is yet another attempt by the 'modernisers' to change our country. They are attacking Christianity knowing full well that there is a hard core of Christians who will never accept 'gay' marriage. If they follow their deeply held convictions that 'gay' marriage is wrong according to the bible then they will have to leave their mainstream church.

What they do not understand, in their misguided attempts to change the mainstream religious faith, is that already the true believers of the bible have in huge numbers already abandoned the mainstream politically inspired church. All over this country true believers have given up on the Church of England and set up their own groups. For the true believer in the Bible the politicians have already gone too far!

The 'modernisers' will never understand that the British spirit is still alive and well but they just don't have a voice at the moment. They are playing a dangerous game because one day all the insults, all the degradation, all the imposition will surface. I don't know when or where it will surface but in this country at the moment there is a deep seated resentment. This attack on mainstream Christianity and the imposition of an act which the vast majority of us cannot agree with (whether practicing Christians or not) is just another nail in their coffin. They have already lost the battle for hearts and minds which they think is so important when they invade a foreign country.

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The Venerable Bede said...

You're right that it is a campaign attempting to achieve one thing by pretending to want something entirely different.
Marriage is of no interest whatever to most homosexuals, church-sanctioned marriage to fewer still.
It is about overpowering opposition, not facilitating liberty.

But the main reason why marriage can only be between a man and a woman is because that is what the word means. You can 'join' any two concepts or objects, including two identical ones, but 'marriage' is the union of disparates. That's what the word means. So when we marry two concepts or ideas, we bring together that which might have seemed fundamentally incompatible or distinct. When humans marry, it is therefore to make a single thing of two different things, which might be assumed to pursue entirely different lifecourses but for theat act of union, which is fundamentally changing to both, and transformative.

I'm all for civil unions: anything that encourages people to make long-term commitments to each other and therefore to reject promiscuity is surely a good thing. I can see nothing at all wrong with two men or two women, who want to pursue a mutually-supportive and loving life together (and to keep their sexual lives entirely private, as we all should) having that commitment officially sanctioned.

But this has nothing to do with, indeed is being exploited by, a cynical attempt to bring the church to its knees.