Sunday, 11 March 2012

The BBC and politics

If anyone has ever doubted that the BBC has a political bias to the left then all they have to do every Sunday morning is to tune into to the hideous 'Andrew Marr Show' which for years now has paraded a gaggle of discredited politicians (most of them from what is called the Labour party) to air their jaundiced views publically.

Today it is the turn of the nauseous Ken Livingstone to try and explain why he has apparently not been paying his taxes. Of course it is a smear campaign, his accountant is to blame, his wife beavers away in the attic supporting him and at any rate Boris Johnson (that rich bastard) also cheats on his taxes. For some unaccountable reason what is left of the Labour party cannot find anyone else to oppose Boris Johnson for the position of Lord Mayor of London.

Ken Livingstone has made a living from using words. The mainstream media has often accused him of dodgy practice and even racism but like a bad penny he keeps turning up spouting his mediaeval politics generally based on envy and class related nonsense.

If he is the best that the left can do then they really are struggling for credibility. However if the position of Lord Mayor of London is a straight fight between Red Ken and Bumbling Boris then why would anyone even want to vote?


The Venerable Bede said...

The problem is that people mistake both men's refusal to stick to the official party line - once a commonplace among poltiticians with even a trace of backbone, now bordering on unheard of - to be signs of integrity.
Honesty is of course more admirable than sycophancy, but many seem worryingly unwilling to look further. I hear constantly that Livingstone is a breath of fresh air, a loose cannon, a Great British individualist, a maverick, and so on.
The fact that he's a Jew-baiting progresso-fascist doesn't seem to worry them.
Johnson may be a tit, and just as opportunistic in his way, but he'll do less damage and - ultimately - be directly responsible for fewer deaths.
In that respect the vote matters, but you're quite right: it's definitely a case of the lesser of two weasels.

bryboy said...

Tks for you interest TVB. That was nicely put. I see that Guido has really got his hooks into Red Ken. There may be trouble ahead! I wonder what would happen if Farage stood but then London is so 'cosmopolitan' these days his 'traditional' approach may not get him so many votes. good to hear from you.