Saturday, 3 March 2012

Olympic Tickets (continued)!

This just won't go away. It is threatening to be a national scandal of unprecedented proportions. It could in fact ruin the Olympics because even the most mild mannered of our compliant public are now suspecting that they have been ripped off! Just last night I heard of a couple who had applied for £2000 of tickets and not received one...not even for the ignored football.

Then I am handed a cutting from the Sunday Mirror claiming that bankers Goldman Sachs had splashed out around £4 million for tickets for their staff and clients. Apparently 'Prestige Tickets' the company which specialises in corporate hospitality has unlimited supplies of 'blue riband' tickets which they will bestow upon their rich clients if they can afford them.

They are still claiming that 75% of the tickets are going to the public but how can that be when one firm is paying around £4 million and it has already been reported that Thomas Cook had also splashed out millions for the top tickets. In theory the public may get 75% of the tickets but what kind of ticket? The tickets that we all want, the tickets that friends, family and supporters also want have been earmarked for those who can afford them.

LOCOG have tainted these games like never before.  They are switching the public off by their sleazy exploits. A private company should never have been give this amount of power. Too much public money is unaccounted for. The 2012 Olympics are turning into a prime example of how to take the public for a ride. No wonder the unions are threatening action!


SAB said...

What if the majority of those tickets snapped up by the big corporations don't actually get used. We'll end up with loads of empty seats at key events that the public have desperately been trying to get tickets for. Even parents of competing athletes have been unable to get tickets that are either unavailable or unaffordable. If I remember correctly China had to literally bus people in to fill seats in Beijing.

Nat1969 said...

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bryboy said...

Nice plug Nat1969! I see the parents of the Malaysian lad who had his jaw broken and was robbed by the feral thugs is not so enthusiastic about our cultural lifestyle.

I agree SAB this whole issue has been mishandled so that a few can profit. It could end in embarrassment. Tickets coming on the market now clearly have not been sold. I think someone is trying to cut losses. I am a sports nut but I wouldn't go near London at this time! It is a city full of strangers.