Friday, 30 March 2012

What was her Name?

We, here in the UK, don't know a great deal about the Trayvon Martin case which has caused outrage in the black American communities all across the country. It has even reached the White House and involved President Barack Obama.

Basically Trayvon Martin was unarmed when he was shot dead by a local community policeman named Zimmermann. Black politicians have immediately condemned the policeman and claimed that it typifies the the attitude of the police to black communities.

One of them in this clip used her position as a Congresswoman to make an issue of it on television. The interviewer who, like so many Americans, uses icy politeness to mask her distaste found an opening and pounced! It illustrates profoundly that if you lie live on telly it can backfire dramatically. The look on the face of the interviewer is priceless!

By the way there is a witness who has stated that the six foot three 17 year old was sat astride the policeman punching his face in just before he was shot!

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