Thursday, 22 March 2012

A Budget for the Working Class?

In order to work in this day and age most people must travel. Yesterday in Westmonster George Osbourne concluded his budget speech by declaring that this was the budget to get Britain working again and then he put fuel up by three pence.

We have the highest fuel charges in Europe. We are fast approaching £1.50 a litre which is ridiculous and most of it is the tax imposed by the government. This comes on top of huge increases in Road Tax most of which is not spent on the roads and accelerated MOT costs. In addition insurance prices are going through the roof because the driving test is not fit for purpose and 17 year olds today do not have the same sense of responsibility that we had in yesteryear.

So let's sell the car and take to public transport? The appalling rail service is a joke and once again it costs a fortune. The government allows them to increase prices way above inflation so that the commuter has to fork out a small fortune just to get to work. I have a niece who has just had to finish work because the travel and child care costs do not make it viable!

They are not helping people to work. They are in fact preventing people from working. They are still rewarding the feckless and rewarding young girls for producing babies which will become a social problem in the future. Nothing is changing it is just being spun in a different way. The 'modernisers' will not loosen their grip on our society until you force them out.

Please remember that NoLab (my old name for the Labour party because they did not have any socialist principles) who are led by Red Ed (I stabbed my brother in the back) Miliband is not an alternative because he too is a 'moderniser' not batting for Britain. They had 13 years to put their stamp on the UK and they did it! They did everything that the EU wanted them to do and we, the indigenous population, will never recover from their calumny!

They don't want future generations to work they just want them to be prisoners of the state!

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