Tuesday, 20 March 2012

The Queen's speech to Parliament!

Did anyone else notice the front rank grinning at the Queen's Speech on the occasion of her Diamond Anniversary? It was a representation of the 'modernisation' of our country. They were all supposed to be political opponents but they so comfortable in each other's company because they all know that they are all in the same club.

They are 'modernisers' and unfortunately 'The Queen' is in the same club. So who was in the front rank of 'modernisation'. Can you believe this crowd? Gordon and Sarah Brown, Sally Bercow, Nick Clegg, Harriet Harman, Tony Blair, Ed Miliband and Mr Slippery (sorry David Cameron). 

There they all were, probably a larger collection of well.... how can I describe their qualities ... they do not bat for Britain...they do not want to maintain our national independence...they care not about the indigenous public ... and finally they care not about this country. There used to be an old fashioned world for them but how did the Royal Family get drawn into this? The Windsor Family have for decades been sustained by the public and yet suddenly they are entertaining 'modernisation'. Why?

They had it all but the history of our so called Royal Family is littered with suspicion. I do not have to remind people of their dodgy history where Edward and 'Bertie' were concerned. Then we had the exploits of Princess Margaret. And finally we had the 'murder' of Princess Diana and yet still the British revere this family. Are we really surprised that on her so called Diamond Jubilee speech in Westmonster she had such a line up of political villains on the front row? Please think about it folks!



SAB said...

Bravo! nicely summed up there Bry.

I've always been a fan of the monarchy (it was the way i was brought up to love Queen and Country and all that..) and they're good for tourism!

I wonder if the truth about Diana will ever emerge in years to come. If JFK is anything to go by, probably not. Her tragic death was just FAR TOO convenient at the time not to be suspicious. Although an element of blame probably lies with News International for that one too no? :-)

On another note, i've sent you a facebook message. It's a feed I was sent via my friend (who's a bobby). The video is ok but it's the facebook comments by serving police that I found most interesting (and encouraging).

bryboy said...

SAB you have of course blown your cover. I actually thought that you were someone else! I have replied privately to your FB message as you know by now. As far as the 'Queen' is concerned have a look at Captain Ranty. He has friends who cut through the crap. The 'royalty' business only survives because the people don't want to accept that the 'Family Windsor' is a major part of the problem. They could have opted to defy the EU but chose
to renege on her coronation oaths.
It needs to be said.

SAB my friends are speculating that my arrest is imminent. But I am not that important. They can allow a silly old man his theories...for now!

SAB said...

Yes I've read Cpt Ranty's blog which is most interesting. After being brought up on old morales it's just a bitter pill to swallow that's all. We need a good old revolution to sort things out and start afresh!