Sunday, 4 March 2012


Someone, somewhere is not advising David Cameron very well. I see that he has just lost his chief advisor, a guy called Steve Hilton, who has just deserted the 'sinking ship' for a position in sunnier California. The mainstream media speculate that he had a series of clashes with europhile Civil Servants which led to his departure.

The Leveson Inquiry is uncovering some murky relationships which are becoming embarrassing to the press, the police and the politicians. Least amongst these revelations was the fact that the police allowed Rebekah Brooks to borrow a pretty clapped out horse for her recreation. Why this happened and who sanctioned has not been made public. Do I care?  Not a jot!

Well at least I didn't care until the PM got involved. What is wrong with David Cameron having a social gallop with Charlie Brooks husband of former News of the World editor Rebekah Brooks? He is entitled to a social life.

What I find intriguing is how long it took for him to admit that he actually sat on the horse. Apparently his former aide, Andy Coulson, who of course famously worked at the News of the World, actually denied that it had happened. Why? What were they trying to cover up? The truth has had to be forced out of Downing Street. It is stupid!

The PM has always been a smooth operator but suddenly he is being exposed and he is appearing less than kosher. I have for some time speculated that he operates under a false premise. He is much closer to the EU and the Lib Dems than he wants us to believe. He was also far closer to News International than he wants us to believe. The cracks are beginning to appear.

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Captain Ranty said...

I have a phobia of saddles on horses, its the smell of warm leather on a horse.