Sunday, 11 March 2012

Now we know.....!

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Dr Michael Pinto-Dushinsky
This morning on the Sunday Politics Andrew Neal interviewed a guy who was unknown to me. Apparently he was a Conservative appointed member of a Commission set up to examine the Human Rights Act. He announced live on the programme that he was resigning from the Commission because Ken Clarke and Nick Clegg were 'sidelining' the Prime Minister and were determined to ensure that the European Human Rights Act would remain in place despite all the adverse publicity.

He was actually very frank and more than once directly accused Ken Clarke in particular of at least disloyalty and at worst of exceeding his authority. Now anyone who knows me will be aware that it is my opinion that Ken Clarke does not bat for Britain. I don't know who he bats for but he does have friends in high places. His appointment as Justice Minister is one of the reason that our justice system is in such a mess.

Dr Pinto-Dushinsky could have done him a lot of damage. He has at least exposed him for what he is an intransigent europhile prepared to sacrifice anything British to please the EU commissars. It is so ironic that he purports to be a Conservative!


Anonymous said...

There is no good side in politics. There is and always has been a bad. Why? Simply because politics to politicians is a job and they are told what to do by their masters. The Camerons, Millibands and Cleggs are not the bosses. They are puppets, lobbyists for corporations, arms manufacturers, petro chemical, oil etc etc. So to say that Cameron is being sidelined by Clarke and Clegg is codswallop bryboy. Cameron's part of the machine. He knows what's going on. Politicians are great actors and continue to fool the public every way, making them believe they care. Remember that business is business and look at the MSM that create jobs there to debate what's going on within the battle between the left, right and centre. The bankers are laughing all the way to the bank.

You can bet your bottom dollar that they're all working in cahoots in order to bring in the massive social control on its way.



bryboy said...

The 'sidelining' observation came from Dr Pinto-Dushnisky on the Sunday Politics show. I agree with you and have often said so that Cameron is part of the plot. Ken Clarke is not Justice Minister for nothing. The key to all of this is 'modernisation'. If a politician is a 'moderniser' then they are not batting for Britain. Incredibly all of our three main parties are led by 'modernisers' which means that they are all on the same side. This is why they continually contradict public opinion. What they want is not what we want. I just wish we could get this through to the public!