Thursday, 29 March 2012

Pasties and Petrol!

According to our Political Class we are still in the grip of a financial crisis even though we can still afford to throw billions at an unwinnable war, we can still pour billions down the black hole we know as the EU and we can still dish out international aid. In addition government spending has never waned and the only people who ever suffer are the public.

We must go back to a point that I make almost ad nauseum and that is that all three parties are led by 'modernisers' which means that they are all in the same camp. Ed Miliband is sponsored by 'Unite' and therefore supports 'Unite' and that union is promoting the tanker driver's strike. David Cameron is advocating extra sales of fuel to offset the proposed strike. One senior cabinet arch 'moderniser' Francis Maude yesterday proved himself unfit for purpose by suggesting that we stored fuel in the family garage.

The message is clearly for the people to panic so that the people will buy more fuel than normal and isn't the 31 March the end of the financial year? What a lovely boost to the books at the end of the year. The reaction of the public however is not typical. They are actually panicking! We British, in the old days, were known for being phlegmatic and stoic and the stiff upper lip was our watchword. All this has been made to disappear by years of breaking down the national character.

The bodies returning from Afghanistan and the heroism by individuals indicate that the British spirit still exists in individuals. It is difficult for even these evil 'modernisers' to eradicate the character of the British people so they have imported the characteristic of almost everyone else. Gradually the stiff upper lip is being replaced by the wobbly lower lip.

So now where are we? We are at the point where our PM declares to the media that he too eats pasties! However, he wants to ensure that pasties are made equal to fish and chips so that both qualify for VAT. Can you imagine that? We have people panicking that they will not be able to get to work next week and he is addressing Pastygate! I just need to know how many people will be employed testing the warmth of pasties so that the VAT can be extracted from the pasty makers! The mind just boggles at the ineptitude of our mainstream politicians. Please folks don't vote for them!

We have local elections on the horizon. It is yet another opportunity to show our disgust. If you have queued today to fill up then please don't vote for more of the same. You have seen them all Cameron/Clegg/Miliband you would object if your daughter brought them home so DON'T VOTE FOR THEM!  If you must vote then look for a minority party but don't vote for more of the same and that means Con/Dem/Lab!!

UPDATE: George Galloway takes Bradford West for RESPECT!


bewick said...

Hannan, just like Farage, always speaks a clear message, eloquently and shortly. Pity we don't have other politicians who are so clear in their arguments.

bryboy said...

They can do that Bewick because they do not have a hidden agenda. They are not trying to 'modernise' the country through a variety of nefarious activities.