Saturday, 5 November 2011


Brodie Clark, national head of the UK Border Force, visited North Shields Ferry Terminal and Newcastle Airport
Brodie Clark

I have often blogged about the immigration scandal mainly because, even at a low level, I witnessed the lunacy which posed as government policy.

When I gained employment within that system (1999) I could not believe how chaotic it was. The Home Office had allowed literally thousands of files on prospective immigrants to build up until the 'system' was unmanageable. I remember thinking that this was no accident because any senior civil servant could have sorted it.

I then witnessed at all levels such mind blowing incompetence that I came to the conclusion that it had to be deliberate. Someone, somewhere and it had to be a conspiracy was pulling strings to flood the country with immigrants.

Now comes the news that the Head of the UK Border Force and three other senior officials have been suspended from duty for allegedly  dismantling our immigration border checks. They even abandoned the checks which keep the public safe from terrorist suspects!

This could be a great day for British democracy because once the most important of these criminals has been uncovered then surely the police can work down the line asking why subordinates had not questioned actions which must be considered treasonable. Then they can investigate all those who supported Mr Clarks' promotions for the past 20 years and eventually we could, if we have the political will, unmask all those who have created the immigration racket that has changed the face of most of our large cities.

I suspect that the list will be endless and highly embarrassing and then we will have to find a justice system to deal with it. Do we have one? In my opinion Brodie Clark deserves a very, very nasty fate for crimes that are indescribable. He should never see the light of day again!


bewick said...

I suppose I have been near to the exalted level of the head of UKBA - but some 20 years ago. Given what very senior civil servants, CEOs of Local Authorities, and many other public servants are now paid, then I have to suggest that he was UNDERPAID. Maybe that was the problem - monkeys peanuts or maybe not. Certainly these days I wouldn't do the job for that sort of money since I could earn more in consultancy even though now retired.
Then again UKBA has repeatedly been assaulted and reduced by successive governments, As with defence, Government has abrogated it's primary responsibility of protection from "without and within". That is that this and previous Governments have failed in THE primary responsibility of a sovereign state.
I've watched the TV programmes. I am always DISGUSTED that illegals are so frequently released on bail and promptly disappear just for the whole expensive process to start again.
Simple solutions
1. Release NO illegals. Lock em up. Same with asylum seekers with nonsense claims.
2. Change the law pronto – NO appeals just prompt deportation. Within days and complete with family. Confiscate all assets. I really don’t care what the corrupt UN or ECHR says. I would do as the French do and say “Va te faire metre” which means go XXXX yourself.
3. No papers? Well inhumanitarian though it may be then EXECUTE people without papers as stated policy. We might execute 10 but I’d guess that it would be none since they would suddenly remember where they came from and produce papers or details. The rest would be promptly discouraged from even trying so goodbye Sangatte or current incarnation.

4. Unco-operative country of origin? Stop any aid: and/or break off all trade; and/or ban all travel to or from that country. Make the illegals from that country work for their supper in the meantime or starve. We wouldn’t be out of line with the other 3rd World countries. Yes I DO think we are now 3rd world.

Hard? Well yes but hard times demand harsh measures.

I cannot agree with you about Brodie Clark. Seems to me that he would be damned if he didn’t (and lose a bonus no doubt – Blunkett the idiot has much to answer for) and damned if he did – which he has been. Seems to me that he was in a no-win, catch22, situation. You cannot make omelettes without eggs. He had few eggs and many of those were bad.
Just saying and also saying because, like you, I am at the moment, somewhat lacking in facts so will only judge if ever the REAL facts are revealed. Probably unlikely

bryboy said...

Hi Bewick, I sometimes feel blessed by your continual contributions because you always feed in the benefit of your experience. This theme will run and run but my experience from the bottom rung of the immigration system was unbelievable. I once had the Deputy Chief Adjudicator at my desk quizzing me as to why the adjournments of the asylum appeals had almost ceased. The reason was that we had been physically checking (on the phone) who the current representative(of the immigrant) was and where did the immigrant now live! This meant that the subsequent notices of court proceedings went to the current solicitor and to the correct address. Ha! She closed tht section down within a week!
Consequently I have been looking for a Brodie Clark for a long time. The whole system is corrupt and politicians must take their share of the blame must the civil servants. In my opinion we have too many people prepared to sell their country down the line for profit. They are traitors and should be treated as such.

Once again my friend (can I call you that) I value your immense contribution to this humble blog.

DLJ said...

I just stumbled across this blog whilst Googling for an image of the central perpetrator in this, Brodie Clark. I am not connected to the Border Agency, like you two, just a Joe Soap who despairs at the level of corruption that now seems all-pervasive across all Govt. Departments, and the E.U, for that matter. I have never responded to any blog with any commentary, so that's a first. Just wanted to say how much I empathize with both your views. So much so, I am actively looking at leaving the UK myself (54 years as a born-and-bred Englishman) over the next few years, to take up a new life in France, where, even if it's still all the same merde, I will feel like a guest and let it all wash over me with a Gallic shrug of the shoulders.

bryboy said...

Hello DLJ, Tks for your interest. I just wanted to wish you all the best in whatever new life you create for yourself. I wish I could develop a Gallic shrug of the shoulders!!