Thursday, 18 March 2010


The blogosphere is seething about our politicians. Everyone is blogging about the lack of democracy, the injustice, the police state and yet nobody seems to have the clout to organise a demonstratiion which will really hurt this government.

I have long thought that pensioners are the key to this problem. We have lived through the horrors of the society that successive governments have created. We have sat still and done nothing to protect the futures of our grandchildren. Most of us now have time on our hands...we can only offer our 'time' because we have little else to contribute apart from, of course our integrity and our memory.

We remember what education used to be like, we remember our wonderful NHS, we remember how the mentally ill were treated, we remember how children were protected, how they were advised and directed. We remember when our soldiers were not thrust into the front line on behalf of the world. Why must our lads be sacrificed for a cause none of us quite understand? We have no truck with the EU! How can anonymous unelected figures preside over our sovereignty? It is ridiculous!

Do not for one moment believe that it is purely the fault of NoLab because the Tories are equally to blame and the LibDems are no better. Pensioners have an axe to grind, we have the time to cause trouble, no Stasi police force can beat us up, we are geriatrics with no responsibility! Oh what fun we could have!

Can you imagine the scenario whereby thousands of pensioners descended on London once every month? Can you imagine the party, the police incomprehension to a situation that they could not control? Who would win? Who would change the country? Who would be willing to front up the baton wielding bullies that every other demonstration has encountered? I really believe that our pensioners would march but we need an organiser. Hello! Is anyone listening? If you fancy it then tell me!

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