Friday, 12 March 2010

Back from Sanity...

Well the weather forecast was correct. Southern Spain has had some very unusual weather for an unsually long time but somehow it never appears as severe as here and of course it is not. Everything is relative. Today our flight was delayed by a couple of hours but when the sun is shining it doesn't appear too bad.

Contrast that with our outgoing flight... airport security is now humiliating... we all know that one error can bring a flight down but flight security could try to be pleasant. We have always been famed for our black humour and believe me one visit to airport security needs black humour. 'Get your shoes off, remove the belt...(how the hell can my trouser belt be offensive?)..the watch, your house keys, do me a favour! The bullies are in charge at airport security and let's face it while thousands of holidaying Brits have been humiliated at our snarling security checkpoints the two terrorists who really wanted to bring the plane down escaped detection!

Wow 2-0 to the terrorists!

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