Wednesday, 31 March 2010

Official: Orange juice cartons are offensive weapons!

Last Thursday I commented on the trial of Sgt Delroy Smellie who was facing a charge of assault on a woman holding an orange juice carton during the G20 protests. The assault was filmed and left little to the imagination.

The person assaulted was obviously so convinced that he would be freed that she refused to attend the trial. Even so there is little doubt that the imposing Sgt Smellie had little to fear from someone of such slight stature and that he should have faced punishment for his cowardly attack.

Predictably and shamefully he has been cleared. This of course leaves the way clear for any police officer to assault any member of the publc and then claim provocation because if Smellie can get away with this then nobody is safe. I am minded to comment that the Smellie affair stinks but I wouldn't stoop so low!

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