Saturday, 20 March 2010

Social Services

There is so much wrong with government services at the moment that it is sometimes difficult to pick a target. I was therefore very surprised to see a senior executive of Birmingham City Council honestly criticise the training of Social Service workers.

It has been clear for many years that the people staffing the Social Services could not cope. Something has to be wrong for so many horrific cases to be uncovered where kids have been betrayed by depraved parents. I am convinced that with a little common sense, a tad more experience and recruitment policies which would reflect those qualities we could have saved some of these kids when we should have been saving all of these kids.

Not surprisingly the attention has focussed on the training conducted by universities and I know nothing about that but how can academics train professionals involved in such a dirty business. Nothing can prepare young impressionable students for what they will find on the council estates in modern Britain.

If you are a decent, hard working person from a good family background you will be unable to envisage what the under class are capable of because alongside their inhuman activities they have developed a native cunning. They lie with alacrity and we need to employ people who can see past this front and demand answers. Our Social Workers must be hard faced, front line troops. We have enough unemployed older women (and men) who could fulfil this role but I suspect that our Social Service recruiters only want pliable, do gooders, who don't cause trouble.

Time for a Social Service revolution or are we happy that children are being abused up and down the country... I think I know the priorities of this evil and discredited government.

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