Thursday, 25 March 2010

The Unions

Do these clowns not realise that we are in a recession? We have millions of family men and youngsters and older people and graduates and immigrants who are just desperate for jobs! I have an answer to the Unions. We will sack your members and readvertise their jobs. If you strike then your striking members will be sacked. Get rid of them!

I tell you what, if just one employer did just that the Union bully boys would be out of a job. Heh! I am not anti union I was brought up by my father, a socialist TSSA secretary, but his union and the unions of the times did at least think of their members.

We must fight them! We must dissuade the militant Unionists like Bob Crow because they have another agenda, they have an agenda to bring down the country. It is a depressingly familiar tale where the left side of NoLab is concerned. Gorgon Brown and Alistair Darling and Hattie and Prescott and Ed Balls have all been either sponsored by Unions which means that they owe them so they cannot deny them the opportunity to blackmail the country. It is sick!

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