Tuesday, 23 March 2010

The Triumph of the Political Class

The title is that of a book written by the esteemed Daily Mail political correspondent Peter Oborne. He has consistently upheld the highest standards of political journalism. He backs off nobody and it surprises me that he is still employed by the mainstream media.

In his new book he describes how the NoLab thugs destroyed the parliamentary watchdog, Elizabeth Filkin, when she would not back down in her investigations into NoLab sleaze. She knew that they were an incredibly corrupt group but it would appear that it was her investigation of Dr John Reid which finally brought the curtain down.

She does not however claim that her problems began and ended with NoLab and is it not strange that after her exit the bonanza began? Despite what the Tories and the LibDems try to tell the voters everyone was in on the scam. Once Elizabeth Filkin was despatched into the undergrowth they all filled their boots.

Peter Oborne also exposes the case of 'Yates of the Yard' and how his investigation into the cash for peerages scandal was destroyed. These accusations are of course nothing strange. The corruption of parliament seems to have begun with the entrance of Tony Blair into number ten Downing Street. Look at his cohorts!

Peter Mandelsson twice ejected from a Cabinet position for sleaze, Gorgon Brown, oops sorry he is part of the Unite scandal (and the Jack Jones scandal and the Kirkcaldy loss of the facts scandal) so unfortunately he is not part of the Blair group. Stephen Byers... already sacked for dodgy dealings and Patsy Hewitt who has probably failed at everything she has tackled apart from making money. Just remember that when the hospitals took a nosedive into hell it was Patsy Hewitt who was in charge.

Geoff Hoon of course will be well remembered for his stint of Minister of Defence when we went to war without any equipment (well I say 'any' but we did have some equipment because the lads bought it themselves!). We were lacking vital aspects of safety because Gorgon did not allow his puppet to release vital helicopters, vital armoured jeeps of vital body armour!

Unfortunately this was many years ago but it is still valid today and that does not include the appalling state of service accommodation for the wives and families who have to support our troops in the most squalid conditions.

John Reid? Now I believe that he has a lot to answer for ('in and out without a bullet being fired') but of course he is now older and has probably made his money so will probably remain untouched.

It goes on and on... Tony Blair assembled the most corrupt cabal of political villains ever assembled in this country until of course UNITE and Charlie Whelan (and Gorgon Brown) got involved. It continues unabated and will do so until we all ignore the Westmonster Three and support all those people trying to break their stranglehold.

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