Wednesday, 3 March 2010

Our Public Finances

There are rumours circulating that our public finances are actually in a far worse state than we could ever have imagined! In particular local government finance is so deeply in debt that we are facing dangerous times. Pension funds are so deeply in the red that we may never recover.

It would appear that Gordon Brown, Alistair Darling and the NoLab party have been so utterly profligate that the entire country could be going down the Swannee. Everywhere we look public finance has been squandered but it has not been squandered on the public. It has been squandered on politics, on futile gestures, on soundbytes and propping up a European Union which cannot pass an audit.

As a pensioner I am beginning to fear that this government has spent my legacy, the money that I paid into the system for my old age. The figures are horrific! Someone, somewhere should have the power to get Gorgon Brown into a court to answer why he has failed the country!

In order to fulfill a political dream Gorgon Brown and the EU are deliberately ruining the public finance of this country. We are so rich that we should be able to afford luxury for our elderly. We should have a wonderful quality of life but we have not and the reason is that the British public are so complacent. We had it so good for so long that we allowed enemies of this country to take over every aspect of our lives.

There should be no such thing as a Political Class. They are just villains in disguise. The last time that we had this type of crisis in this country Oliver Cromwell kicked ass. These political villains are portraying a charade. Every Wednesday we have a charade called Prime Minister's Question Time. The parliamentarians shout and squeal at each other but it means nothing! The BBC Politics Show follows up as though these people matter... it means nothing! We will soon have a British means nothing!

All of these sideshows just cost money. Gorgon Brown and NoLab sold us down the river to the useless EU which costs us so much money that we can no longer afford care for our own people. After twelve years of the New Labour Project we are now being compared to bankrupt Greece!

What I fail to understand is why nobody is trying to arrest Gorgon Brown and why he is still being paraded by the mass media as a citizen of this country. Nobody without an agenda of trying to destroy our country could have done more damage to our finances. It is quite deliberate and yet he still appears on the mass media as someone who matters! He should be scolded, denigrated, abused, despised, abhorred and should be held in public disregard like the political equivalent of John Terry or Ashley Cole because Gorgon Brown has raped, abused and pillaged our country on a far greater scale.

The legacy of Gorgon Brown will be foul but he will not care because by that time he will have disappeared into the EU and be cushioned by their profligacy.

The rest of us will just go to the hell that he created! DO SOMETHING! BLOODY RIOT!

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