Thursday, 18 March 2010

The NoLab Whispering Campaign

There is a video doing the rounds of the absolutely charmless 'wee' Duggie Alexander introducing a whispering campaign whereby NoLab supporters tell other members of the public why they should support Gordon Brown and vote NoLab. It was featured on the 'Dizzy' blog and one comment by a guy calling himself 'Mr Ned' so encapsulated my feelings that I have shameleesly cut and pasted it so here goes...

Mr Ned · 1 hour ago
If anyone comes to me and tells me that they are a labour voter and try to convince me to vote labour too, I will beat the shit out of them.

Anyone that supports the child abusing, pensioner freezing, economy destroying, criminal protecting, tax inventing, police state creating, stazi like baby-killing war criminals and treasonous Anti-British extremist traitors, also known as the modern labour party, deserves to have their heads kicked in.

This is my "word of mouth message" to any labour supporters who happen to wander by. If you have the intellect to read these words, then answer these questions:

So go on labour supporters, I dare you, tell us why you support blatant lying to create a war in which thousands of children were shredded alive by shrapnel, or burnt alive with white phosphorus? Why you support a party that not only lied to get us into war, but a party that CUT the military budget in real terms during that war leading directly to increased death of our abused troops? A party that supported raining chemical weapons down on civilian targets, KNOWING that there would be massive civilian casualties and whose policies have killed hundreds of times MORE civilians than Al Qaeda?

Tell us why you support secret family courts that allow social services to steal children on demand to satisfy the whim of paedophile rings run by the elites, or who get the authorities to turn a blind eye to abuse on a massive scale, as in the Holly Greig case and many many others. and thus are ignoring the plight of hundreds of thousands of children who are abused or tortured to death like Baby P?

Tell us why you support handing our hard fought freedoms over to the un-elected, anti-democratic EU, Why you support the destruction of a thousand years of freedom and our laws and our right to self determination by breaking up our nation and giving the pieces over to the unelected plutocrats in the EU to run? Why you support Van Rompuy having MORE power over our affairs than any elected MP other than the Prime Minister?

Why do you hate democracy so much? You cannot support democracy and support the party that has done more to piss on and destroy our democracy than any other political party in the last 200 years.

Why you supported labour doubling the income tax on the poorest workers.

Why you support abolishing the minimum wage for immigrants (an EU ruling) leading to blatantly discriminatory employment in which employers can employ foreigners on a fraction of what they would have to pay a British worker, leading to half a million British men being made redundant in the last 12 months. (figures courtesy of the BBC News last night)

Why you supported labour treating children like adults and giving them rights that they are not mature enough to cope with, whilst treating adults like children and interfering in ever more aspects of our private lives?

Why do you support the intrusive and paranoid state control of more and more things? Why do you want to give the state ever more power over us, and take more and more of our hard won freedoms away? Why do you support the state spying on more and more and more of our legal and lawful and private activities?

Why you support dumbing down our education system so that even 16 year olds with A grades at GCSE cannot even perform basic mathematical calculations in their heads or spell properly?

Why you support a party that has stolen the biggest parts of millions of pensions and turned what was the biggest pension pot in the EU into a deficit?

Why you support a party that has run up more debt than EVERY SINGLE PREVIOUS GOVERNMENT IN HISTORY COMBINED!

You can explain that to me until I knock you unconscious and then shit in your face, just like YOUR party has shit on this country for the last 13 years!

Come on labour supporters, I dare you!

A little over the top in parts but a little anger is no bad thing!

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