Saturday, 27 March 2010

Gordon Brown - what can one say?

Have you seen the remarkable photo opportunities where Gorgon Brown is entering a building surrounded by young attractive trolly dollies! Why for 'heaven's sake? Why do these young people accept a gig like that? What is more unbelievable than Gorgon being surrounded by young beauties?

To be honest their street cred should be ruined... can you imagine? 'I just took part in a NoLab street scene and I was paid a fortune to follow that ugly PM into a building.' "You did what? How could you?"

"But they paid me."

"Have you seen him? What you did was comparable to incest with your Grandad."

"Sorry! Please don't tell my friends or my agent because it could ruin my career."

I cannot believe that the NoLab spin doctors would think that Gordon and beauty are compatible. I will continue to monitor the spin because frankly it is disgraceful. I think that Gorgon will always be the worst but watch 'Call me Dave' surround himself with kids. What Clegg can surround himself with is dubious because it is impossible to wrap himself around Vince Cable...isn't it?

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