Thursday, 4 March 2010

Time for reflection....

Tomorrow we travel to Spain for a week with long standing friends. They say that it has been raining for weeks even on the Mediterranean coast but the thing I like about their life is that it is relatively free. Nobody is eavesdropping to discover it they can pin the label 'racist' on you. Their kids are actually playing freely without a worried parent only yards away.

Life is relaxed and enjoyable and we don't have the spectre of chronic financial desperation. Spain has prospered by their membership of the EU unlike the UK. They are not burdened by EU regulations like we are because they take the good bits and ignore the bad bits.

This is the reason why thousands of Brits now happily live in Spain. It will be time for my wife and I to relax with friends ina civiilised society a million miles away from the violence, the threat and lawlessness which pervades the modern UK.

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