Thursday, 25 March 2010

Modern Policing

The current trial of Sgt Delroy Smellie sums up what a lot of us believe is the true state of the modern police force. In case you forgot he was filmed, all six foot four inches of him, bashing up a small female. Not only did he swipe her backhanded on the face with his gloved hand he then returned to thrash her legs with his baton.

It was probably one of the most cowardly attacks witnessed on film during the protests at that time. Well OK the one where Ian Tomlinson was thrown to the floor to subsequently die of a heart attack does bear comparison but since when did any one small female threaten someone of Delroy's size.

He is currently desperately spinning which is really only adding to his plight. She was threatening him (Ha!)! On the film she is clearly holding a mobile phone in one hand and a carton of orange juice. Some threat! He is claiming that she was one of a group advancing on them but the camera only shows one albeit, foulmouthed female, with her carton of orange juice! Some threat Delroy!

Years ago in the 1970's the troops in Northern Ireland did have to respond to threats from women. Some of those women from the estates of West Belfast really were scary but soldiers drew on their experience and humour whenever they could to diffuse situations. I well remember a Sergeant from a Highland Regiment (when we had them) responding to jibes from the women by performing a highland fling in the centre of the street. In the end they responded by rhythmically clapping him and the threat dissipated.

I do not know who trained Delroy to become a thug or why he thought that he could beat up people without any reason but he has been caught and should pay a high price. However, this is modern Britain with a modern Justice system led by Jacky Boy Straw so I reckon that an orange juice carton will be redesignated an offensive weapon. No wonder his victim has opted not to attend the proceedings. I will be amazed if Sgt Delroy Smellie is convicted because this is modern Britain and the Political Class will find a way to exhonerate his actions.

However, we know the truth and none of us believe that an orange juice carton is an offensive weapon. Roll on Election Day...which of course has yet to be announced! Will we yet get a matter of national emergency which could cancel the election? I don't trust any of these chancers. Have you noticed the sudden upsurge of Union activity? It is not a coincidence!

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Nice historical etc., posting about this smelly farcial DELROY G20 ATTACK DOG opera.