Tuesday, 30 March 2010

Our children and their school...who protects them?

There is a video doing the rounds on the blogs that makes the heart stop. It features a headteacher in one of the London Boroughs leading a 'choir' of children rapping the virtues of Diane Abbott the NoLab politician who as they continue to mantra, was the first black female MP.

Now I would believe most things about NoLab politicians because frankly they have an agenda that most of us would hardly credit but ... to use children to enhance your political career is obscene. Diane Abbott was the first black female MP but what has she achieved ever since (apart from growing fat off the land).

It is obvious that in the modern political world children are fair game. If this video is kosha and of course it has to be, then the NoLab lackeys are going to any lengths to brainwash the kids. We have often thought on this blog that we are heading towards an East German/North Korean society and this almost proves it. Arm yourselves people because while our finest have been redeployed to Afghanistan for years to come (we all know that this is a war which cannot be won).

I warn you that the Political Class and I include NoLab, Con or LibDem because they have an agenda to enslave you all and you will not even know it has happened. The agenda is European which makes our next election almost meaningless. It matters not a jot who you vote for because, unless you vote for a minority party, you know like the BNP, the Alliance Democracy, the Green Party, the English Democrats or even UKIP you will vote for the EU and five more years of £45 million a day.

Can you imagine what £45 million pound per day would bring to the Britsh people? That £45 million per day could bring us care for the elderly, decent education for the kids, roads improved or frankly anything that we wanted. Our pensions could be improved immeasureably. Without Europe we British would be so wealthy that we would be in the position that we deserve. Without our politicians we would be in clover and yet we still put up with the crap that our mainstream media and the BBC feed us.

The European Union has NEVER passed an AUDIT! That makes it an illegal organisation! WAKE UP PEOPLE YOU MUST REVOLT! Ask the questions that matter. I know that I am a boring old fart but when my grandchildren get old enough to appreciate their plight then they at least they will know that this boring old fart loved them enough to challenge the authorities.

The £45 million pounds per day that we contribute to the EU is the most important
issue in modern day politics.In my opinion this is the crux of our problem and guess what? It is the one issue that our mainstream politicians will never discuss!

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