Saturday, 27 March 2010

Rhetoric, rhetoric and more rhetoric!

I see that we Loughborough people are probably going to see more politicians than most as we have been deemed a key marginal; one of the seats that the Tories have to win. I do hope that this means that we will have a meaningful choice of candidate.

They began today waffle, waffle, waffle! Gawd how many more weeks of empty meaningless promises? When will one of them tell the electorate what they actually intend to do? When will they address the problems of the money that we shovel into the EU day after day? When will someone sort out the immigration mess and heave the Eastern European squatters who are slaughtering the swans out of the country? When will we actually see the police on the streets instead of flooding our screens with lies?

The lack of any meaningful policy is underlined because while we are in the EU we are not in control of our future. Gorgon Brown signed it away and David Cameron and Nick Clegg agreed that he should. I still cannot believe that they have sold their own country down the river and now want us to vote for them!

The pity is that so many people cannot see further than the end of their noses. Blog after blog is advocating a different approach to this election and yet the public have been force fed for so many years that we only have three viable parties. It is rubbish because yes, there are three main parties in Westmonster but we have seen them all in action. They have been corrupted and the system needs tearing down and rebuilding.

The current batch of MPs cannot rid themselves of the stench of corruption and the public know it. Yet they still think that they are duty bound to vote for them and unfortunately they don't have the interest, intelligence or knowledge to think about it. Most people don't know what a manifesto is heaven forbid that they should study one and then compare it against what has been delivered.

Unless we can get the public animated and interested then our country will continue to slide down the world league table and eventually adopt the Euro with our tail between our legs. Even I could not wreck the economy in the way that Brown/Darling have done and even I have got more ideas on how to repair the damage than Cameron.

Perhaps I had better get out the ear plugs for the next 6 weeks or so because if I don't I might go insane

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