Wednesday, 24 March 2010

Budget Day - is this the last that we see of Darling?

Well it was there for all to see. The same old smugness, the same old self congratulatory message and the same old Punch and Judy politics. Nothing new, no innovation, nothing to set the pulses racing and very definitely no change.

Let's face it never in the history of a country has a government wrecked the economy like this government has. Every respectable and responsible household in the country knows that the family unit depends of sensible budgeting. What on earth Gordon Brown
has been doing with the economy of our country? I do not know but it concerns me because he is not a stupid man.

He has known all along what he was doing. He has deliberately set out to throw public money at any unworthy cause which he knew would never help the actual public. We the taxpayers have to sit and watch our money being flushed down any toilet which will accept it. In the meantime our taxes continue to rise. We are under a sustained attack by people who actually do not understand simple economics.

To fund their ridiculous political posturing they have sold the country down the river. To further tax the smokers, the drinkers and the motorists is typical because many of these people have long sinced stopped smoking, drinking and driving. None of the politicians will face the unpalatable truth that our contributions to the EU are way, way, beyond what we can afford.

Our problems are all hinged on our membership of the EU but none of the major parties will address this problem because they have all been bought and paid for! Until we get independent, innovative parliamentarians we will never get the services that we require. I tell you what, as I enter the realms of old age I am beginning to fear what is ahead of me. I reckon that I am not alone which is a total indictment on our politicians of all colours!

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