Tuesday, 23 March 2010

When WILL one of them be jailed?

One would think that with an election reportedly only weeks away that those not standing would want to safeguard what is left of their integrity and those standing would want to keep their heads down. Unfortunately the Westmonster 'troughers' cannot help themselves.

It would appear that they are either terminally corrupt or completely and utterly stupid! After the expenses scandals comes the lobbying racket followed quickly by an enormous scam of accepting free holidays for representing foreign countries by asking questions on their behalf in parliament. I do wonder when some of these loons find time to represent their consituencies. I am extremely disappointed that Norman Baker MP has been caught up in this. My faith has now reached rock bottom!

No wonder the electorate are all looking around wondering what the hell to do with our democratic vote because from where we are standing all the political parties are as corrupt as each other. I still believe that this follows on from the corruption in the EU but we can save that for another day.

It will never end until someone is jailed. Surely to goodness there is someone amongst this vast collection of rascals who will stand up and demand an end to this gluttony. Obviously Gorgon Brown is far too implicated to offer hope and unfortunately I cannot imagine either of the other two party leaders seriously confronting the guilty. I only hope that the electorate will abandon their traditional voting habits and this time vote for real change!

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