Sunday, 14 March 2010 evil in our society.

The dictionary defines discrimination as a prejudicial treatment of a person or group of people based on sex, religion or race, which means that it is not nice and therefore positive discrimination should not be encouraged. I first remember hearing the words 'positive discrimination' in the nineties and it has been used ever since to shoehorn unqualified or unworthy people into jobs that they did not deserve.

It is now endemic in our society to such an extent that all political parties are imposing centrally selected candidates on local contituency parties so that the leaders will remain in power. There is only ever one reason for 'positive discrimination' and that is to ensure the safety of those who practise it.

Of course, as usual, NoLab have always been the worst offenders and that is the reason that Gorgon Brown was returned as party leader without an election. His sidekicks are all experts at discrimination. Take Harriet Harman and her support for all-female selection lists unless of course it affects her husband who automatically gets a safe NoLab seat without any hint of a challenge from Harriet's female list.

In the last 12 years it has affected all walks of our life as NoLab stooges have been planted anywhere and everywhere ensuring that EU directives are slavishly implanted to disrupt our society.

Then of course discrimination was introduced into the State Police Service through the Black Police Officer's Association, into religion through the Muslim Council Of Great Britain and into everything else by the invidious Race Equality Commission. Discrimination is everywhere in our modern society unless of course you are a white middle aged British male. You do not have representation. You do not have any society to protect you. The BNP have been throroughly denograted by their stance of white only membership even to the point where they have been legally forced to accept membership from non-whites.

Nothing is ever done however, about the discrimination which surrouonds the white indigenous population in the UK today. None of is is necessary! We have laws which should apply to everyone without fear of favour. Those forming their discriminatory groups should be brought into line. Anything which is discriminatory against anyone should be legally banned. Ouch! What would Harriet do then? Her whole life has depended upopn discrimination against someone or other. How could she live without discrimination?

The white indigenous population still pay most of the taxes that Gorgon squanders so magnificently. However if you are attacked you will not receive police protection. If you fight back you will be arrested. If you cannot afford to pay for private education your children will suffer struggling alongside immigrant kids who cannot speak English. If you are ill you queue behind thousands who have never paid a penny into the NHS. If you complain then you are a racist.

Get the picture? I won't even get into what awaits you when you become aged and infirm because after my last post you will have some understanding of your fate. It will not be pretty. You possibly have one last chance in May to stop all of this nonsense. Of course if you are happy to be discriminated against, if you are so stupid that you will still vote for Gorgon Brown, Harriet Harperson and her husband, David Cameron, Nick Clegg, the Balls pair or any of the Westmonster Political class then you deserve your fate.

There should be NO safe seat for anyone in the Political Westmonster class. Surely the people in Kirkcaldy can see what Brown has done to this country? If any person has the courage to challenge the political elite then please support them. It doesn't matter who they are or what they are because we must break the strangle hold of the thieves who have stolen money from the public purse and ruined the country into the bargain. Cameron says 'Vote for Change' but what we need is a huge change and he is not capable of delivering it!

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