Tuesday, 16 March 2010

How to get rid of our rubbish!

I am always amazed when I visit any Spanish speaking countries that their attitude to rubbish is so simple. It doesn't matter if we visit Spain or the Canaries their rubbish collection is so elementary. Let me enlighten you! When you have rubbish then you bag it up and when you leave the house/flat/penthouse then you get yourself down to the local depository and dump it!

These depositories are aligned along the main streets and are so easy to locate that they cannot be missed. It is the responsibility of the individual to bag and throw their own rubbish! The bins are regularly emptied overnight so it is never a problem.

OK then why can we never adopt this system in this country? The reason is of course that we do not have people with the vision or the enterprise to adopt the system. It would of course not bring in the revenue that the hideous, complex, government driven English system demands.

It can only be time before the Spanish system is adopted unless we get another dose of Gorgon Brown! AAAgh!

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