Monday, 22 March 2010

The same thieves still thieve...

I expect that nobody can believe that the same old thieves were caught dead to rights by a media sting. It would appear that the media will only concoct a sting if they are pretty certain that the suspects will bite!

It is no surprise therefore that the people who Tony Blair brought into his Cabinet have been found to be not only be the most greedy but also the most gullible. They are also probably the most inept politicians that were promoted to Cabinet Minister...ever!

Patricia Hewitt and Geoff Hoon have only recently conducted a failed campaign to oust Gordon Brown. It was such an inept campaign that it is no surprise that these were two of those targetted. Margaret Moran of course is also so corrupt that she almost fell into the arms of those offering her riches. Even Julie Kirkbride whose nose has been so deep into the public trough suspected a plot and withdrew from the sting! Bloody hell if Julie could see it then why can't the others?

It really is time that the law got involved. I hear tonight that Gordon has withdrawn the party whip but that is not enough... these people have been proven to be so corrupt that they have to be prosecuted. What is wrong with us? What is wrong with our government? Our Parliament is so corrupt that people like this can put two fingers up at the people and smile happily in front of the cameras.

Today Patricia Hewitt came out smiling and confident in front of the cameras so it is about time that someone, somewhere. destroyed this confidence. She appears totally corrupt, I suspect that she always has been and yet she remains confident that Gordon and Westmonster will protect her. It is about time that somebody made her wet her knickers!

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