Sunday, 30 August 2009

They deny everything and are guilty of everything!

On 20th August when I heard about the release of the Lockerbie bomber I knew instinctively that it was a stitch up and blogged as such. The behaviour of people like Brown Blair Straw and Mandelsson is entirely predictable. They can be bought by anyone. Now the truth is beginning to emerge piece by piece as everything that they had previously denied is being proven to be true.

I am about as far away from this tawdry affair as is possible but here is how it goes. BP want access to Libyan oil. They approach the NoLab leadership to ease the way. The Libyans demand a prisoner exchange agreement in return and Megrahi is top of their list(just how many high profile Libyan prisoners are banged up in our jails anyway).

Jack Straw then fires a warning shot across the bows of the Scottish Justice Minister Kenny McCaskill who just happens to belong to the Scottish National Party. McCaskill probably realises what is at stake but doesn't want to appear to be a tool of the Westminster government.

He has a brainwave hires a doctor to certify that Megrahi has terminal cancer and then releases him back to Libya under the compassionate clause in Scottish Law. Easy innit...that way Gordon Brown is in the clear, the SNP are seen as merciful, Jack Straw is rubbing his hands, Tony Blair can hug Colonel Ghaddaffi again and it is another victory for the NoLab leaders because they all make money!

The trouble is that the families of the victims are appalled. The American government cannot contemplate the callousness of this bunch and the whole world knows that the British governemnt has about as much integrity as the Russian Mafia.

Come to think of it we seem to have lost our government and gained people resembling mafia leaders.

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